Ballistic Shields

Mehler Engineered Defence GmbH (sistercompany of MLE) manufactures personal protection shields in various protection classes, such as NIJ 0108.01, VPAM, TR bullet-resistantshields and other protection standards against long rifle and hand gun threats, according to customer-specific designs for official use. Small-format, portable personal protection shields are suitable for use in confined spaces, e.g. in aircraft or apartments. The larger model soffer maximum protection area with low weight and are used for evacuations and ice layers.The Mehler Engineered Defence portfolio is completed by foldable versions for protection against long-range weapons, also for use in patrol cars for use in amok suits.

Personal Protection "NIJ-IIIA"

This shield is designed to provide ballistic protection against hand guns.It is also suitable for an anti-riot use or prison use. The observation window is changeable. The shield easy to clean and can be supplied with LED lights if required. Different handles can be supplied depending on customer requirements. The shield pictured is a NIJ IIA shield with a small U-handle.

Color: black (further colors on request)
Protection category: NIJ 3A
Dimension: approx. 120 x 60 cm
Weight: approx. 10 kg

Personal Protection "Tactical Curved"

A specially tactical shield developed for an offensive mission. This design has a curved shape (radius = 80 cm) with tactical weapon recesses to work in any situation (i.e. standing, lying). In addition, this shield with its ergonomically adapted carrying handle with armrests to preventpremature forearm fatigue has proved very popular with users. „Tactical Curved“ has a robust and durable edge protection. Depending on mission and application scenario it is available in different colors. It is optionally available with lettering or LED lighting.

Color: black, camouflage (further colors on request)
Protection category: VPAM 6, VPAM 7 (without SS109) +GP11 and GP 90
Dimension: approx. 90 x 50 cm
Weight: approx. 9 kg

Personal Protection "Standard"

The personal protection shield was developed together with emergency personnel with the aim of achieving an ideal mix between handling, weight, size and modularity. The shield offers protection against the most common threat in VPAM 6 (7,62x39 mm, MSC also known as classic AK 47) and can be quickly upgraded to VPAM 9 (7,62x51 mm,HC). Optionally, the shield can be upgraded with lettering, a basestand, periscope, ballistic window, carrying strap, roll function or LED lighting.

Color: black
Protection category: VPAM 6, VPAM 7 (without SS109) +GP11 and GP 90
Dimension: approx. 100 x 50 cm
Weight: approx. 11 kg

Ballistic Shield PS260

Ballistic Shield PS260

Ballistic shield out of aramid fiber protection Level NIJ-3A. High abrasion resistant outside Material with padded grip easy to carry. With ballistic viwport also NIJ-3A protection Level.

Color: black
Size: 130 x 60 cm
Weight: approx. 7.5 kg



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