Bullet Proof Boxes – SENTRY


Transportable bullet resistant SENTRY cabins are available in modular form; produced in a variety of ranges; cabins from ballistic steel; windows made of ballistic security glazing; they are available in a range of certified ballistic levels of performance; standard equipped with air-conditioning, heating A/C 9000 BTUClass A, 2 floodlight lamps and searching lamps and with 5 kW connection for power supply. SENTRY cabins can be used in the roll of Emergency Evacuation Facility, if required.

All details available on request.

Terrorist threat and protect against long riffles

Long riffle protection against terrorist attacks

The terrorist attacks and warnings take propagated.
Again and again terror warnings from worldwide intelligence services are currently delivered, to protect the population against these assaults. The terrorist threat does not stop at borders and is currently omnipresent and everyone is talking about. The police union joined the German threat assessment and we should take these warnings seriously. Confidence in the security agencies is unrestricted but no one is 100% secured. Most attacks in the past will be done by long riffles like Kalashnikov AK47 Type’s (7.62 x 39), we would like to offer our support with various ballistic protection to protect against such long riffles.

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