Protective equipment for ship personnel

Prevention against global piracy in international maritime traffic
Pirate attacks have increasingly come to the public's attention in recent years. It is a worldwide phenomenon that has increased in the heavily trafficked sea areas off Somalia and the Horn of Africa. There is danger for crew members and passengers in the transport of goods and passengers. German maritime shipping and its seafarers are also putting themselves in this danger. Here, modern protective equipment designed for this typical need can save lives. Often it is only small things that can save lives.

A specially designed - MLE-atTACk - emergency kit can save lives here.

It includes a Combat One vest with softballistics to protect against 9mm and .44mag pistol ammunition and 2 upgrade plates to protect against long gun hard core ammunition. 7.62 x 51 Nato or also 7.62 x 39 Kalashnikov ammunition. Furthermore, a ballistic (emergency) helmet for protection against splinters, 9mm pistol ammunition or also Tokarev SC ammunition (7.62 x 25), as well as splinter protection goggles according to military guidelines MIL-V-435111C. 

Complete protective vest set MLE-atTACk in German (just click)

Your safety is our mission!

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Equipment for object protection & guarding

Protective equipment for use in the event of an increase in the hazard level

In order to meet the requirements of protective equipment when the threat level is increased, we have assembled a special object protection set and certified it as follows.
The protective vest consists of soft ballistic and hard ballistic upgrade plates. The lightweight, comfortable overcoat vest with all-round protection in the flank area and plate pockets for upgrading with insertion plates for protection against long gun ammunition. Individual adjustment possible in the shoulder and flank area. Molle system for attaching accessory pouches with additional pockets on the front underside right and left. Reflective stripes provide high visibility. Protection level VPAM 3 when upgraded with insert plates VPAM 6 (7.62 x 39 MSC - Kalashnikov). Weight of the vest approx. 5 kg incl. the two upgrade plates. Available in sizes S - 6XL.

Ballistic protective helmet with high quality interior. The helmet calotte is made of the latest innovative aramid composite material with headband and mesh for high wearing comfort. The wearing comfort is supported by individually adjustable and precisely fitting padding pads. The safety helmet can be operated with gloves, the twist-lock fastener is used to fix the helmet. The helmet interior is changeable and washable. Protection level VPAM 3 considering the "energy criterion" according to VPAM HVN in the universal size from 56 - 62 cm. Weight of the helmet approx. 1.7 kg.

Guarding in combination of high protection and perfect wearing comfort!

Data sheet protective vest set Combat Sec in German (just click)
Datasheet Ballistic Upgrade Helmet H5S-A1-MC3 in German (just click)
Datasheet ballistic upgrade plates VPAM 6 in German (just click)

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Guard House – SENTRY

Transportable bullet resistant SENTRY cabins are available in modular form; produced in a variety of ranges; cabins from ballistic steel; windows made of ballistic security glazing; they are available in a range of certified ballistic levels of performance; standard equipped with air-conditioning, heating A/C 9000 BTUClass A, 2 floodlight lamps and searching lamps and with 5 kW connection for power supply. SENTRY cabins can be used in the roll of Emergency Evacuation Facility, if required.

All details available on request.

PROTEC CARBIDE Pro - LE2517 aluminum

Protection class KDIW 2004 Protection class W3/D2/K2 incl. angular stab protection 25° (open version)

The body protection vest offers protection against attacks with stabbing weapons such as knives, spikes, nails, screwdrivers or similar pointed or sharpened objects. All protectors are segmented, ergonomically shaped, adapted to the musculoskeletal system and ensure high wearing comfort. All connecting elements are noise and movement optimized. A blade catcher at the neckline is optionally available. Individual adjustment options provide perfect wearing comfort. Variable outer shell design possible - customer requests are gladly taken into account. Available in four different sizes for upper / and lower arm protectors. Matching knee / and leg protectors are also available.

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